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CCLSD Master Plan


Coos County Libraries are enduring gateways to an expanding world.


The mission of the Coos County Library Service District is to collect, organize and disseminate library materials and to provide the related library services necessary to meet the educational, informational, recreational, and cultural needs of the people of Coos County.

“Libraries remain the Mecca’s of self-help, the most open of open Universities...where there are no entrance examinations and no diplomas, and where one can enter at any age.”--Daniel J. Boorstin, Librarian of Congress, 1975-1987.

“The libraries of America are, and must ever remain, the home of free inquiring minds. To them, our citizens, of all ages and races, of all creeds and political persuasions, must ever be able to turn with clear confidence that there they can freely seek the whole truth, unwrapped by fashion and uncomprimised by expediency.”--Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953.

“Libraries were born out of common, uniquely American desire-the desire for a better life in a free society. Libraries for democracy, libraries for literacy, and libraries for productivity describes the role they fulfill in our societies today.”

“Now knowledge-not minerals or agricultural projects or manufactured goods-is the country’s most precious commodity, and people who are information literate- who know how to acquire knowledge and use it-are America’s most valuable resource.”--American Library Association



1.1  The Coos County Library Service District was created through approval by Coos County voters in the November 1992 General Election for District Formation and a permanent Tax Base.

1.2  The first Master Plan was adopted by the Coos County Library Service District Governing Body on October 29, 1992.

1.3  The objectives of this plan areas follows:

1.3.1  To outline Library services to be provided within the District.

1.3.2  To describe the District's organization and structure.

1.3.3  To explain the distribution of funds.

1.3.4  To outline the steps required for amending or terminating the Plan.

1.3.4  To delineate the hierarchy of the Coos County Library Service district including the Coos Library Board membership and its duties.




2.1  Eight public libraries are available to the residents of Coos County. These are located in the seven incorporated cities, as well as in the unincorporated community of Dora (the Dora Public Library, a non-profit Corporation), hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Cities" or individually as the "City".

2.2  Library services are a function of an agreement between the Coos County Library Service District and the Cities. Each of the Cities administer the library services of their city, or unincorporated area, with borrowing privileges extended to all residents of the County.

2.3  Additionally, the Coos County Library Service District contracts with the City of Coos Bay through the Extended Services Office ("ESO") to provide the following services:

2.3.1  Van service to all libraries;

2.3.2  Books-by-mail;

2.3.3  Satellite libraries;

2.3.4  Interlibrary loan service;

2.3.5  Jail and outreach service;

2.3.6  Information technology department automation and some cataloging service;

2.3.7  Any other services that may be deemed necessary for effective ESO functioning as recommended by the Coos Library Board and approved by the Board of Commissioners.

2.4  The ESO office located in the City of Coos Bay Public Library functions as the communications hub and switching station for libraries in Coos County. The city of Coos Bay acts as the fiscal agent for the ESO and administers the cooperative services of the ESO through an intergovernmental agreement with the County; however, the ESO is funded by the County tax base and not city funds.




3.1  Each incorporated community in Coos County, with the exception of Lakeside, is served by its own school district. These districts provide school libraries of varying size and quality. Southwestern Oregon Community College supports a library for instructional staff, curriculum for students, and permits the general public to borrow from its library.

3.2  There are a few special libraries in the area to serve the needs of professionals or businesses, and most provide some services to the public. These include the Coos County Law Library, Coquille Indian Tribe Library, the Coos Bay Family History Library, the South Coast Hospice Library, and the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Library.




4.1  ESO: As described in Section 2.3 and 2.4 above, the ESO, through the City of Coos Bay as its fiscal agent, provides a variety of services throughout the County to all of the public libraries.

4.2  COASTLINE: All eight public libraries in the County, as well as other circulating sites, share an automated circulation system called COASTLINE. The Fiscal Agent for the ESO owns the central site computer hardware. Responsibilities and duties related to COASTLINE are set forth in seperate COASTLINE agreement(s).

4.3  CATALOGING: All eight Public Libraries are part of a bibliographic network and have one cataloging symbol. Currently the ESO budget, approved by the Coos Library Board, will pay for all first-time cataloging of new unique holdings in the District. Thus, once the bibliographic record is purchased from the bibliographic services vendor and dounloaded into our local system, all libraries in the county will have access to the record.




5.1  The boundaries of the Coos County Library Service District are the boundaries of Coos County. This will include all cities and unincorporated areas. Should any municipality or residents of any unincorporated area wish to withdraw from the District, such an action must be in accordance with Oregon State Statutes.




6.1  The Coos County Commissioners shall act as the overarching, governing body of the Coos County Library Service District, and the Board of County Commissioners shall be the ultimate authority for fiscal and policy affairs of the District; however, the governing body has delegated its authority as described herein.


7.  ADVISORY BOARD ("the Coos Library Board")


7.1  The Board of Commissioners (acting in their capacity as the Coos County Library Service District governing body) shall appoint a seven-member advisory board to be called the Coos Library Board with limited and defined powers as set forth in Section 7.2 below. The members are to be selected as follows:

7.1.1  Four members shall be designated jointly by the City Councils in Coos Bay and North Bend. One of the four members shall be a resident of the incorporated city of Coos Bay, and one shall be a resident of the incorporated city of North Bend, while two of the members shall not be residents of either the city of Coos Bay or North Bend. One such resident shall reside within the boundaries of School District #9 and the other shall reside within the boundaries of School District #13.

7.1.2  Two members shall be designated jointly by the City Councils of Bandon, Coquille, Lakeside, Myrtle Point, Powers, and the Dora Public Library.

7.1.3  The Board of Commissioners shall select one member living in an unincorporated area outside the boundaries of School Districts #9 or #13.

7.1.4 A member of the Coos Library Board shall not also be a member of any other Library Board, a Library employee or elected official of the parties as defined in the agreement. Members of library support groups such as Friends of the Library or a library foundation are eligible to serve as members of the Coos Library Board.

7.1.5 If any designated member-to-be is not acceptable to the County Commissioners, the appropriate designating bodies will be asked to make additional recommendations until an acceptable member is seated.

7.1.6  Terms of appointments shall be for four years. A maximum of two terms may be served consecutively.

7.2  Although the ultimate authority for fiscal and policy affairs of the District resides with the County Commissioners, in their capacity as the governing body of the Library Service District, this in no way restricts the Coos County Library Board in fulfillment of its designated duties, which include the following:

7.2.1  Determine the amount to be levied each year for the Library Service District Tax Base and prepare and submit an annual budget request.

7.2.2  Recommend a distribution formula to the Board of Commissioners for the County Finance Department and ensure the distribution of funds for the Library Service District.

7.2.3  Acceptance, use or expenditure of any real or personal property or funds donated to the library, subject to the limitations set forth herein, or by Oregon Law.

7.2.4  Act as a communication link between the city libraries, the city library boards, the media, the Board of Commissioners, and the public.

7.2.5  Determine and evaluate those shared countywide cooperative services, which are contracted, and determine the budget for those services.

7.2.6  Establish and enforce policy regarding the addition of new libraries to the Library Service District. If, after careful needs assessment, it is determined that an additional library should be established in an unincorporated area, that library will become a branch of an existing city library.

7.2.7  Preserve the autonomy of the individual libraries while fostering and enhancing cooperative services.

7.2.8  Review contracts for ESO services and recommend approving, denying or changing the contract to the appropriate signing authority.

7.2.9  Such other activities as the Governing Body may assign.




8.1  The County Commissioners will not intervene in the affairs and policies of individual libraries, and any powers that are not statutorily required to be performed by the District shall be assumed to reside in the Cities. Cities shall be responsible for the day-to-day operations of their library(ies). For purposes of this section, the City of Coos Bay shall also have the same powers and duties as described below with respect to the ESO. The authority of each of the Cities shall include, but not be limited to:

8.1.1  Hiring, firing, setting standards, working conditions, and pay scales for library personnel. Library personnel will remain employees of each City.

8.1.2  Fiscal authority over the library including budgetary, payroll and auditing functions. Each City shall provide to the Coos Library Board a copy of the City's annual audit of the library budget. The rights of each City over each library's fiscal affairs shall be abridged only in that the City must spend funds allocated for library use only for library functions and may not divert them to any other department and the City may not spend District Tax Base funds for any library building projects.

8.1.3  Control over the physical plant of the library including building maintenance and necessary repairs. The library buildings and the contents of each library including books, equipment, and furnishings will remain the property of the respective City.

8.1.4  Formulation of rules and policies for the governance of the library and for the provision of library services.

8.1.5  The right to accept, use or expend any real or personal property or funds donated to the library.

8.1.6  The right to enter into contracts, apply for grants, and generally further the interest of the City library in any manner the City deems appropriate.




9.1  Under the District, each local library will offer the level of service demanded by Coos County's library users. Services offered may  include:

9.1.1  Lending of books and other print and non-print materials.

9.1.2  Providing newspapers, magazines, and other materials for in-library use.

9.1.3  Conducting information searches.

9.1.4  Presenting library programs.

9.1.5  Addressing literacy needs in the community.

9.2  Countywide services may be provided by contract, and may include the following:

9.2.1  Operation and maintenance of the COASTLINE automated system.

9.2.2  Provision of all district-wide information technology services and maintenance.

9.2.3  Purchase of bibliographic records.

9.2.4  Payment of telecommunications costs for public library access to COASTLINE.

9.2.5  Processing of interlibrary loans.

9.2.6  Operation of courier van service.

9.2.7  Provisions of outreach services to homebound and institutionalized patrons.

9.2.8  Provision of books by mail.




10.1  Understanding that the make-up, organization, and status of the Coos County Library Service District may evolve over time, this plan may be amended from time to time in order to reflect the current status of the District.

10.2  Any amendments to this Master Plan shall be approved by the governing body of the Coos County Library Service District.




11.1  Should any city (including Dora) discorporate, fail to sign the distribution contract, or fail to provide library service as contracted, their library funds may be withheld. Services to people previously served by that city may be contracted to other providers.

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